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A DBA on demand - 24/24 - 7/7

Database services only when you need them delivered by a trained professional. Ideal when your own DBA is unavailable or when you are in need of specific knowledge. The monthly fee is far below the cost of a full-time DBA....

Database Experts

Our Database Engineers are aware of the latest evolutions: Oracle 12c - Oracle Exadata - Microsoft Azure - Microsoft Always On Clustering - PostgreSQL - ...

Operational Support

Our clients want to be assured that the databases are running with optimal performance and that their data is safe and available all the time. Click on the link below for more info on our Managed Services approach.

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Reliable Installations

Can avoid a lot of trouble during the lifecycle of a database. Instead of every time finding out how to correctly install the environment ask the professional who has made it his daily work.


Caitlann DBA's are happy to share their knowledge. Your local DBA will get all the documentation and the insights of the environment we are working on.